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How to Be A Winner and Influence Anybody
James Merritt

How to Be A Winner and Influence Anybody Price: ¥25.00
ISBN: 7-104-01747-X
Paper: 16 X 23.5
Pages: 166
Category: Leadership

About the Author
James MerrittDr. James Merritt along with his wife and three sons live in Atlanta, Georgia where he pastors the 12,000+ member Fellowship of Joy. He is also the host of television broadcast Touching Lives, reaching nationwide and in thirteen countries.

Become the winner you were meant to be
  • Learn how to keep your head when others are losing theirs
  • Learn how to live the good life
Every leader wants to inspire and impact those in their care. Dr. James Merritt believes that character is essential to success. He draws on Jesus Christ's life and the fruit of the Spirit as a model for leadership. When leaders are set free in Christ, they will be happier, less stressed and easier to follow. Find the keys that unlock your potential!