The Religious Tradesman

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The Religious Tradesman
Richard Steele

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Pages: 253
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About the Author
Sir Richard Steele (1672?1729) was a British essayist, dramatist, and politician best known for his collaboration with Joseph Addison on a series of essays for the Tatler and Spectator and also for the first English theatrical periodical, the Theatre, which appeared twice a week from 1719 to 1720. In 1722 he wrote his last and most successful comedy, The Conscious Lovers.

“It is a Book admirably fitted by its proper representation of the Tradesman’s duties, and the close and warm enforcement of them upon the conscience, to do excellent service, under the blessing of God, to the shop, and to the world. The following sheets contain a rich treasure of wholesome instruction, such as every Tradesman should write upon his heart, and practice in his shop and family.”

Work is considered as a calling of God.


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